Luxurious Throws & Scarves from Denmark

Hygge has arrived

Hygge is an essential
part of the Danish lifestyle.
It's pretty simple. it's about appreciating the contrasts in life. Warmth and cold. Light and dark. Quiet and loud. When your days are cold, wet and windy, taking a moment to light a candle, make a cup of tea and cozy up under a warm throw can make a long winter just a tiny bit more bearable.

Every order comes with
"The Little Book of Hygge"  

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Mendoza is the perfect
throw for a chilly evening 
at a sidewalk café.
It’s lightweight and fits
right in your bag.
Woven from 100%
worsted baby alpaca - 
so soft and warm.
That's Hygge ...


Scarves - Baby Alpaca

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